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CribTechTM is an interlocking concrete block retaining wall system. It is the most cost and time efficient retaining structure for any kind of slopes. CribTechTM components are made of high strength reinforced concrete.CribTechTM components are supplied on a supply and install basis. Due to the nature of concrete, it is highly durable and does not require much maintenance.


Due to the very porous material for our infill and backfill, water is quickly drained away from the retaining wall and slope thus preventing buildup of water pressure, which is the main cause of failure in retaining walls. These materials are carefully selected with different sizes to prevent "washing-out" of these materials


CribTechTM components come in different header lengths to cater for different heights and nature of slopes. They are easily transported, hence there are no constraints due to space or accessibility. They can also accommodate concave and/or convex walls to suite all types of slope contours.


Cribcon Concrete(M) Sdn Bhd is backed by a very competent team of professional and management staff who have been designing and constructing Crib retaining walls for more than 15 years.