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We were formerly known as Cribcon Construction which was formed in 1984 and was solely owned by one of our present directors. Since then the company had been a subcontractor for Hume Industries(M)Bhd., constructing cribwalls until 1995 when the latter decided to discontinue with the retaining wall business.

Prior to this, from 1978 to 1984 we were the first subcontractor of a foreign company when they started operations in Malaysia.

Being highly specialised in construction and design of cribwalls, this company CRIBCON CONCRETE (M) SDN BHD was formed in November 1998. We now manufacture our very own cribwall components maintaining the quality set by Hume Industries(M)Bhd. While the quality of the concrete components is only one factor of a cribwall system, we vehemently ensure and maintain a very high and rigid standard/method of construction. This could only be attained through our very own site personnel who is a pioneer and expert in constructing cribwalls.